You are not mistaken; I am indeed blog tweaking.  It all started a few weeks ago when I decided to “streamline” my categories.  I accomplished this, naturally, by deleting one category, adding approximately thirteen more and then just flinging entries about left and right.

Well, lauds and honours and all wondrous rewards to the Mighty Guru of all Computerish and Many Other Things, Grettir the Strong (and brave and PATIENT).  He rescued my disastrous attempt at a theme change with “Style-catcher.”  Beware of comprehensive plug-ins, say I!!  Then he helped me tweak bunches and bunches of things.  He even tried to rescue my purple (I spent hours futzing with it and got so overwhelmed with it that I just pasted an original style-sheet over it).  Unfortunately, since I am a messer-upper extraordinaire, I didn’t realize that I had two style template windows open and I saved changes to the WRONG ONE, thus undoing all his nice purpling and professional tweaking.  Tomorrow, when my eyes don’t hurt from comparing “browser-safe” hex codes and background patterns (that I now DETEST) I shall try to make my cheese pretty.

The funny thing about the purple is that I used it in the first place because I insist on having this banner at the top of every page:


Click here and find out why I Wear Yellow


And since purple is the complimentary color of yellow….

It’s a good thing I’m only selectively anal compulsive.