The recent upgrade to Movable Type 3.31 was utterly SEAMLESS. Well, to be fair, it was seamless for ME. That’s because in the midst of all sorts of other chaos with which I was dealing, my Web Guru, my Cyber Hero, my CODE KING quietly fixed all my broken templates. The best part is that I always get an email WHILE he’s fixing everything that APOLOGIZES that the upgrade broke some of my templates. And the template are crazy because of ME. In fact, one day recently I was posting a new entry. I went back a number of times to fix little bloopers and oversights here and there in my writing (I have to do this about three thousand times because I only have AFTER-SIGHT not FORESIGHT) and every single time I looked at my blog it had changed FOR THE BETTER. One of my favorite new things is that I now have WIDGETS!!! I’m still figuring them out, but I love them dearly just because they are WIDGETS (made, I can only hope, in the Widget Factory that was always in the mathematical story problems of my youth). My most and best favourite Widget right now is my “Tag Cloud.” I don’t know why or what for or where or WHATEVER – it just pleases me to no end.

Something else happened that I really probably should fix, but I am holding on to a clandestine hope that it’s NOT a mistake and that I somehow have become hip without realizing it. No one needs to point out the low probability of this – just let me pretend for a little longer. See, the label (title and/or alt) of my Flickr image of Paisley now says, “My Pics are a WIP.” I don’t think this what I wrote originally (and find this conclusion well-supported by the fact that I haven’t the vaguest CLUE what “My Pics are a WIP” means). BUT I think it sounds rather “cool.” Try it on for size, “My Pics are a WIP!” Say it again! Isn’t that fun?

Sadly, it either means NOTHING or it means something that I don’t INTEND for it to mean; perhaps “My Pics are a WIP,” is somehow vulgar, and any obscenity on my part is usually very intentional. I still think I’ll leave it for just a LITTLE longer… Then, on a slightly cheerless day I’ll change it back to what I’m fairly certain it said (something about Paisley saying or thinking that my images were “number one” – very prosaic and decidedly NOT hip).