I’m at BWI (Baltimore Washington Airport? – or perhaps Big Wet Insect? OR Bestial Wild Indecency???), and I’m NOT going to pay their absurd fee to go online for only an hour, so this is a delayed gratification post. For someone, anyway…


Let’s start with a rousing hurrah in honour of Father’s Day. A very Happy Father’s Day to all y’all fathers out there, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, uncles with fatherly feelings and Catholic priests.

Oh -and my most heart-felt Father’s Day greetings to any man with enough confidence in his own sexuality to have fatherly feelings for his Kitten Children or Puppy Children. Indeed, what an ADMIRABLE quality.

And then there’s the June Birthday BONANZA:

On June, 2nd, Leif turned a ripe six-years-old.
Leif living it up in the Bahamas?
Evidently There was a Snorkeling Party in The Bahamas.
I was not invited.

Pizza Face - Literally
Anders Celebrated Leif’s Birthday With a Pizza Tribute (?)
Promptly thereafter he tried to climb the fence and escape (no lie)

Also, Leif recently graduated from Saint Magurerite’s Kindergarten:
The Coy Look

I thought I should take the time to let you know that Janet misspells the name of HER OWN SON’S SCHOOL. I just wanted to share my concern about the issue.

Anyhoo, I do not think it is fair that they have better caps and gowns than any I’ve ever seen at any college graduation ANYWHERE (even amongst the professors on the stand with the amusing hats from all the posh Ivy League schools). And in a familial vein, Leif aspires to someday (an appropriate billion or so years from now) to be a father. He also aspires to sing like John Mayer.

June 7th was Grettir’s Birthday. And, of course, he’s a stellar father, too. That makes two, two, TWO greetings in one for Grettir!

On June 9th, Ashley AND my Mother had birthdays. Ashley didn’t have one of those age landmark birthdays (though every time she has a birthday it serves to remind me that I’m a skosh more than ten years her senior – THANKS SMASH), but my Mom turned a very noteworthy sixty-years-old. Naturally we made certain that she received sixty gift-wrapped packages from Maryland (with ten Birthday cards with six greetings each…). Evidently when she opened the second big mailing box (of three) she understood exactly what was happening and said, “OH NO!” Oh yes. That’s precisely the reaction we wanted.

And now, somewhat in the mode of an Oscar® Acceptance Speech, I shall thank the Academy say HAPPY GREETINGS TO ANYONE I MIGHT HAVE FORGOTTEN! You’re still the best. And it was an honour just to be nominated.