They’re GONE.  The stripes, that is.  This is guaranteed to make Terry happy.  Countless others may also find themselves less woozy and lightheaded if as they attempt to read my blog.

Anyhoo (some things never change), I would like to thank Master Guru, Grettir, for conducting a live reboot and backing up and then backing OUT and then doing magic and all and associated hocus-pocus that has gone with the Tiny PineappleĀ® server upgrade as well as an update to Movable Type 4.01™. I cannot imagine how much work this entailed. I do not WANT to envisage it, in point of fact, because it makes me tired just thinking of all the exhausting shamanism no doubt involved.

AND, yes, it was time for a design change. Grettir very generously set me up with a lovely default template – “Hills Green” – I believe it was called. However, being the vampire I am, I promptly changed it to “Hills Dusk” and then just went for broke with “Hills Midnight.” It’s fitting.

Don’t feel too lulled into peace and complacency, though. If I figure out how to actually you use Movable Type 4.01™ you never know – I MAY end up with another motif worthy of calliope playing. I will restore my five-mile-long sidebar with all the links (if I can – knowing the Guru, I’m SURE I can).

So, HUZZAH!!! And many, many thanks.