I feel the need to preface my latest Holiday Gift Suggestion (Idea #4) with some explanation. I offer, as a tasteful gift option, the “Twelve Dickies of Christmas.” This might sound just a tad licentious, but it is NOT. A “Dicky” (alternate spelling “Dickey”) is:

  1. NOUN
  2. a.  A woman’s blouse front worn under a suit jacket or low-necked garment.
    b.  A man’s detachable shirt front.
    c.  A collar for a shirt.
    d.  A child’s bib or pinafore.
  3. A donkey.
  4. A small bird (as in “Dickey Bird”).
  5. a.  The driver’s seat on a carriage.
    b.  A rear seat for servants on a carriage.
  2. (British Colloquial) faulty (as in “I have a dicky ticker”).

(Source: The Free Dictionary)