Oy, yes ’tis! I was notified by email (thanks to me Matey, Amy), Craig Ferguson just mentioned it, it’s on many a website – “My guess is that a large percentage of Pastafarians will observe this holiday” – and there’s even an OFFICIAL website that, due to “the extremely high load,” they had to take down.


The Official Talk Like a Pirate Site, in turn, refers us to “The Official Talk Like a Pirate” website (?), though they maintain that “their Pirate Translator is a bit crap.” Let’s take a look. Wait – let’s take a look, AVAST ME HEARTIES!

How nice! You can subscribe to The Poopdeck and see what the “Pirate Guys” are up to all year. Ahoy! A page of pirate speaking basics. And, also, fer all ye Landratten, there’s “Talk like a German Pirate.” Bei meinem Haken, it’s GUT!!! If you DON’T, Zu den Haien schicken!, bilge rats! Ahoy und immer eine steife Brise, beim Klabautermann !!!