So they’re cutting our little office into even more wee spaces (can you say even more wee?). That’s what you get when you recruit a Nurse Ethicist from back East with many degrees; she thinks that she should have locking doors and walls that aren’t made of that wiggly sliding partition material and an ergonomic space for her computer. Yes, so it’s perfectly reasonable. But SHE has another office on the College of Nursing Campus and I get to sit literally right smack dab in the middle of all the construction. LITERALLY.

First I had to empty most of the bookshelves and cabinets in the place and find a space to stow everything so it was out of the way. Turns out that the one space where I stuffed most everything was under and on top of the one section of my desk unit that they had to remove the day after I moved everything in the first place. Huzzah. Then there was the sweat lodge. They surrounded themselves with a big sheet of plastic and proceeded to cut a new door. This is rather noisy. Suffice it to say I now know that you can purchase a pair of earplugs in the outpatient audiology unit for $1.00.

The next day, the plastic was all for me. They pulled out the section of my desk unit. Shoved my desk as far back toward the wall as many burly men and a bunch of mechanical lifters could take it (so they say – I purposely avoided the festivities). Then the sheet of black plastic went from floor to ceiling in front of me so they could build a wall on the outside of it. So I sat most of the day sideways at my computer (the only way I’d fit – talk about a wee spot) with my earplugs and tried to work. I gave up on answering the phone. Not only was the deafening racket a little counterproductive, I have laryngitis AGAIN. The black stuff, being surprisingly thick and preventing any semblance of ventilation, caused quite the phenomenon. The temperature increased gradually until I decided that if ever I was to achieve sweat lodge spiritual enlightenment it would just have to happen RIGHT THEN. Nope. No enlightenment for me. Just asthma attacks (I, convenivently, have bronchitis, too).

Woah – wait – actually, come about 3:10 p.m. I achieved a state of spiritual clarity during which I KNEW I had to get the hell out of dodge (with no doors), get something to eat and purchase a new set of cheese plates. Pardon me, fromage plates. It was utterly transcendent.
My boss was out of town and I could have used his office (which has ventilation and a door), but I needed the big printer. Okay, truthfully, I’m too much of a RAM snob to work on anyone else’s computer. I have almost the newest computer in our little Division, and the Nice Computer Man Guru (Bill) always does nice things for me when I have problems with my stupid Dell machine.

If I haven’t mentioned it already, I’m an avid, raving, lunatic Apple fan and have been since 1984 when my family purchased its first lil’ Mac. I converted my husband (not easy – he’s VERY STUBBORN in case you’ve not noticed). I’d like to take credit for converting Guru of all Gurus, Grettir, but I think he finally just arrived in Apple Nirvana as the natural conclusion of his Super-Phat computer savvy. Yes, it’s Super-Phat.

Anyhoo, Bill recently thought that it was imperative that I doubled the RAM in my piece of crap Dell to a Gig (bless his heart). My computer was faster than everyone else’s before, but not it’s so much faster now that I’m too impatient to use another machine.

Today it was mostly just a horrendous racket; I only spent a portion of the day in the sweat lodge. No more cheese plates. Blah blah blah… I shall turn this into a poll. Is or is this not the veru LONGEST, whiniest and most boringestest entry I’ve ever, EVER posted????

Another day I will tell you about the mysterious “procedure” rooms that sometimes have “Laser Danger” signs on them and sometimes not. They are next door to our teensy suite. When my new furniture arrives I shall sit with my back right up against the “Laser Danger” wall. But that’s a story for another time.