Wow. I’ve already learned something else this year. Not in any way as important, obviously, as:

In other words, if you haven’t already, please read that entry first. Click right HERE if you are scroll-impaired.

But it’s slightly interesting, nonetheless. My Mother got in an itsy-bitsy accident in my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. She bumped into a Ute Cab very gently. I won’t go into all the details for the accident (some amusing, some infuriating), but I CAN tell you that the only damage to my little car was some tire rub and the tiniest bit of chipped paint on the door trim bumper thing (isn’t that the technical term?). The cab driver, though, thought it was a good opportunity to get all the damage on his 1993 van taken care of so that it would pass an upcoming inspection in order to qualify for a commercial insurance renewal. My insurance said no to most of his claims, but they did pay him for damage to the area of impact, because there was really no way to absolutely PROVE that it wasn’t caused by a wee Civic moving from complete stop at an ENORMOUS old dinged-up van that was driving in a COMPLETELY MANIACAL FASHION. Well, I hope he’s happy with his $863 as he BURNS IN HELL. Perhaps that’s a little strong. It’s just that, not only was he a treat and a half, Ute Cab has a local reputation for some pretty horrendous driving (and I know from personal experience that at least one of their cabbies carries a really, REALLY large knife – but that’s definitely a story for another time).

Anyway, we’ve driven the car around with tire rub for a long time in case the insurance company wanted to see the “damage” while they processed the claim. They did not, in the end, care to look at it.

My Mother and I suspected from the beginning that a little Mr. Clean™ Magic Eraser™ would take the tire rub right off. Fear not – you might remember my Sharpie® and Mr. Clean™ Magic Eraser™ fiasco and the whole TACKY FAUVIST BIOHAZARD incident. But the car’s Opal Silver Blue Metallic finish (especially with the hand-waxing job I paid for about a week before the accident) is, thankfully, much hardier than a poster paper version of Vue De La Fenetre Tanger by Henri Matisse.

So tonight I proved our theory. Mr. Clean™ Magic Eraser™ DOES remove tire rub. Thank you, Mom. Thank you, science. Thank you. Mr. Clean.