Huzzah! You delve into some of the myriad unsorted emails in your box and your may uncover TREASURE. Here’s another lovely James Lileks tidbit (I say that like someone is going to remember the Lileks’ Ode I included in 2003):

Mmmmm. Man. That’s the other benefit of Atkins: cheese is no longer The Enemy. I’ve started exploring the options. I’ve always been cheese-curious, to be frank. But it’s a daunting world, and sometimes you commit to a wedge at the store only to find you don’t like it when you get it home. But this Irish cheddar – when I die, I want to be filled with this cheese. I want people to see the box lowered in the earth and think there goes a man who is great with cheese. If I’m going to feed the worms I might as well give them a banquet instead of sawdust and formadehyde. . . [NOTE: Yes, that should be “formaldehyde” – It’s nice that I’m not the only one to make spelling mistakes.]

Mmmm. Man. Wow.

(Thanks again, Grettir, for the heads up.)

I’m realizing that I should have included a bigger section of that 2003 Lileks’ (Lileks’s????? I never can decide.) piece. Well, tomorrow is another day; AS GOD IS MY WITNESS, I SHALL NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN!

That’s too sad (and misquoted, I think?) to even include an attribution. Ugh.