So help us, today I learned:

It’s Winger’s Sticky Fest!

Perhaps there are those who look forward to the “Sticky Fest” each year with bated breath (probably the same people who send me all the porn spam). I, on the other hand [MUST RESIST URGE TO MAKE VAGUELY INSINUATINGLY FOUL REFERENCES TO “CLEAN” HANDS OR THE LIKE – MUST RESIST], am vehemently opposed to the word “sticky” being used in conjunction with any advertising (especially if it’s used ambiguously). Ewwwww!

Then again, too much specificity in regards to this term can be repugnant, too. I’m not a squeamish person, nor a wilting violet by any means;I consider myself to be frank and open in most respects. But I have absolutely CRINGED every time a recent feminine hygiene product ad using “that word” has appeared. And if it makes me sit there wincing and muttering to myself, “Too much information! Too much information!!!,” than the World is in dire and hopeless straits.

I’ve got to figure out where I put that box of MRE’s and my foil packets of “emergency” water.

*With apologies to Grettir for stealing his title (even though it’s not like he’s TRADEMARKED it or anything…)