I have been doubly remiss in several important blog categories (am I not cute – I think my blog categories are IMPORTANT), specifically “Cheese Thoughts” (which is really bad considering the name and ostensible focus of my site) and “I Fell Down.”

Let me address the issue of my négligence de fromage post-haste:


It's a small world, afterall.


The Ideal Cheese Shop (they send me cheese-email – I like them) is having an “Around the World Sale!” from July 23 through July 31, 2005 (sorry – slightly late notice). You can “Save more than 20% on the selection of delicious cheeses from around the world.” I think I would lean towards the Il Giardino Reggiano Parmesan, the French Bucheron and the Prima Donna from Holland. But I must admit that I find the “Maytag Blue” from Iowa intriguing (though I’m slightly put off by the whole appliance connection).



My very most favourite cheese shoppe, the Juhl Haus Deli and Market, has unexpectedly CLOSED!!! I couldn’t get to their website, and I called the management at Foothill Village and they confirmed the horrible tidings. I am seriously bereaved. There is no equivalent; there isn’t a single place that even could presume take its place. The closest substitute would have to be Liberty Heights Fresh in Salt Lake City; they actually have an impressive cheese selection for such a small market – for any market, really (they also carry organic produce, imported foodstuffs and lovely artisan bread, etc.) and it’s a charming shoppe.

Sigh. I’m still sad.