Sarah’s second chemo infusion was Monday. She had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs (luckily she could still breathe) so she also got a big ol’ dose of antihistamine. Having had a number of such antihistamine doses myself (although I usually was privileged to receive an epinephrine shot at the same time – UP down – UP down – EEEEEEEEEEEEEH!) I can vouch for the festiveness of that experience. Apparently it’s still necessary that she receive that medication, so next time it’s in the mix she will get the antihistamines up front. HUZZAH!

Here are a couple of pictures, one taken just recently and one from last year I happen to run across. Red suits her.
Sarah loves cheongsam-style dresses.Perhaps it is because she looks so CHINESE.

Cheongsam Blond

Maryland, 2004

She is growing up.  It's SCARY.

Short Hair – Bare Feet

Utah, 2005

And I don’t want my OTHER niece to feel left out, so here is a recent picture of her (still wearing her mother, I guess you could say?):
34 Weeks.  I think they are going to have a six-foot baby.  And you've gotta love the green dog.

Paisley & The Green Dog with Headless Ashley

Kansas, 2005