So few moments in my life have combined an object that I like with so many others I admire therefore creating a mélange of ABSOLUTE ENCHANTMENT. Thank you, Charles, for sending me notice of this, a phenomenal miracle that combines:

  • Spaghetti – YUM for spaghetti (and pasta in general) – what more need I say?
  • Pirates – I got to play a pirate once with a super-cool costume, a weapon, AND an eye-patch. You should know that wearing an eye-patch, while festive and stylish, drastically reduces one’s peripheral vision; I found that one out the hard way – literally. Oh – I also gave someone a gross of eye-patches as a thoughtful (I believed it was thoughtful) gift.
  • Open Discussion of Global Warming – I feel this is an important issue, and here, in this miraculous setting, is a completely innovative and comprehensive theory about global warming. Lauds and honours are due.
  • Science and Scientific Things – YEAH! Science is super-duper COOL!!!! And here we have graphs and charts and obscure vernacular and EVERYTHING. WOOHOO science!
  • Smart Ass-ness – Speaking of science (woohoo!) that is the scientific term for this phenomenon. I love good-natured, witty and ground-breaking ways of “Sticking it to ‘The Man'” or “Challenging the Establishment” or “Thinking Outside of the Box” or whatnot.
  • Anything Capturing the Attention of the Swedes – I have a significant amount of Swedish/Finish/Norwegian/Danish – basically what I would call “Scandahoovian” – roots swimming about in my EuroMutt Blood. Some day I will regale you with the saga of my ancestors, Frosti Karasson, King in Kvenland, the mighty kings who came before him, and his son, Jokull Frostasson (I have to admit that we lose the royal connection somewhere along the line; I rather hope that it’s prior to Eystein “The Noisy” Glumra Ivarsson). At any rate, you may call me “Viking Queen of VENGENCE.”.

It’s all HERE, at The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Now this is a PIRATE.  This is REALLY a pirate!

That covers the awe and religiosity and pirates and so on. Now for the SCIENCE.
Now this is SCIENCE.  This is REALLY science!

And here it is, broken down into its raw form::
Now this is a FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER.  This is REALLY a flying spaghetti monster!

Lastly, there is just the one, truly important question to be asked:
Now this is a QUESTION.  This is REALLY a question!