Autumn is my season; I love the colours, I love “sweater weather,” I love it all. Of course, if you are four-years-old, there is something extraordinary for you in EVERY season:
If you're four, you can jump into a HUGE pile of leaves, walnuts and all.

Leif & Grandpa Take the Plunge
In Fall, you get to THROW things at your Grandpa.

If You’re Four, You May Bury Your Grandpa With Impunity
Burying Grandpa is HILARIOUS!

You May Also GLOAT Over Your Grandpa With Impunity

Documenting the complete, unadulterated joy of a four-year-old isn’t half bad, either. AND I now have a potential blackmail picture of my Father – a lucky shot STRAIGHT up his nose. He saw it and about died. Hey – I’m going to derive pleasure from what I can.