My Kitten Children, as I understand is the case with most feline critters, LOVE bags and boxes and baskets (oh my!). It’s a charming cat trait, I think, when you find your kitty situated in some little container (that scarcely contains her) like she’s the Queen of Sheba. Really, the only annoying side effect of this “container lust” is that my Kitten Children like to chew on cardboard, and sometimes get in a mood where you will find the entire floor covered with tiny cardboard confetti tidbits from a box they’ve ruined (maybe they are celebrating?).

Sometimes these found items can even be costumes. One of Charles and Ashley’s cats, I think Caesar’s the culprit, LIKES to get the strap of a plastic grocery bag around his neck and then runs around proudly with his “Superman Cape.” BeBe once got the straps of a paper gift bag around her neck. At first she tried to get the bag off, but when she couldn’t, she just started frolicking around as though nothing was there and she was just going to get on with life wearing her new “accessory.” My Grandmother’s cat, Lucy, however, got caught in the straps of a bag and was so humiliated that she hid until she was rescued and the horrid object was removed.

Anyhoo, I caught this moment the other day:
She thinks she's hiding.

Fiona in the Bag

It reminded me very much of this image:
From 'Should We Have Let Her Out?'

Younger BeBe in the Bag

BeBe is so little in that picture! That was when she use to prance about – literally. Now she looks and moves more like a panther. I realize that in the entry with that picture I did not tell HOW BeBe put herself in the bag. Fiona, you see, is in a bag that was empty in the first place. BeBe, in order to ensconce herself in that costume, had jumped up onto the counter (strictly against the rules, but no one was watching – then in Cat World, evidently, there are no rules), saw the lovely bag, realized it was inconveniently full of a loaf of artisan’s bread, somehow managed to get the bread OUT of its covering, threw the bread on the floor (I kid you not), and settled herself happily into her prize. At some point, around that age, she also defrosted ALL the contents of the ENTIRE freezer (a story for another time – but if anyone was wondering why we had a “kid-safe” lock on the freezer in that house, that is why).