Ashley bemoans the fact that no one comments on Paisley’s beauty or intelligence, etc., but they say, again and again, “Look at all that HAIR!” Charles spent his time as an infant AND all of his teenage and many of his adult years hearing the same, I’m afraid (also, occasionally, someone approaching him from behind would say, “Ma’am, Ma’am” and then be appalled when he turned around – or there was that child that said, “MOM, that MAN is a LADY!” – or was that visa versa?). But it’s OBVIOUS that she’s disgustingly beautiful and I have no doubt that she will have a copious amount of brains, too (genetics working as they do – she is, after all, MY niece).

Anyway, I love her new hairdo.
Charles says that it's not a 'pony tail' because it's at the front of her head.

Paisley has a “Unicorn Tail”

She’s coming to visit at the beginning of January. I hope Charles and Ashley won’t mind going home without her.