Zeke, a wee, shy little toy poodle belonging to William, Sarah and Shirleen escaped from their yard last night. Shirleen had let both their tiny dogs out; they usually scratch on the door in just a few minutes, but last night they did not. Shirleen went to call them after about fifteen minutes; Lily sheepishly came in from around the OUTSIDE of the ajar gate (perhaps opened by the neighbors’ slightly over-zealous, giant teenager Labrador dog – I sent a combination lock home with Shirleen tonight to take care of this possibility), but Zeke was nowhere to be found. Shirleen combed the neighborhood on foot for quite a while, and then drove around for several hours. We’re sending flyers to the animal shelters and vets, too. BUT, if you happen to see this tiny dog:

ZEKE, Neutered Male White Toy Poodle

TINY – At most, 3-4 pounds – HAS MICROCHIP

Shirleen had recently groomed him, so he was not wearing his collar. He does, however, have a microchip. Please call the number on the poster (it’s a Utah Valley number) if you find poor little Zeke or leave a comment here. THANK YOU!