No offense to my Kitten Children (I’d probably fall prey to that urge to cover their tiny eyes again if they were in the room), but I had thought that I’d name a human infant or two (MY children, not random youngsters off the street) in my life. Coming to the sober realization in the past couple of years that I may not have that opportunity, I gave my second Kitten Child one of my favorite baby names (Fiona) and I hope my someday erstwhile and beloved Mother-in-law either hasn’t noticed or isn’t offended that I stole her name for one of my CATS (Fiona MAURA MacArthur). Oh – and MacArthur is an ancestral family name I like (and I thought it went so nicely with those Celtic names). Besides, I have saddled NEITHER of my Kitten Children with MY last name. BeBe got the whole Italian thing (her human Mom was Italian – I stole her name, too – Beatrice ALLESSANDRA Gatto – the MIDDLE part, not the “Gatto” part that means “cat” if you didn’t know already). But none of that’s the point, really. (SURPRISE!!!).

On Friday I got to see a couple of dear friends who suggested ONCE that they might actually move HERE, but instead have crossed me RIGHT OVER from Colorado to California and then to a different area in California. FIE ON YOU, I SAY!!! ISN’T IT ALL ABOUT ME???? Sorry – no good medication for narcissism yet. Anyhoooooo, Morgan and Amber were here visiting her Parents and her Sister and Sister’s family (who DID have the good sense to move close to me – I really should visit THEM more often). There are some potentially serious medical problems being investigated, so everyone send good thoughts or prayers (whichever are your prerogative) to Amber’s Parents, who are damn fine people.

Despite the worrisome circumstances bringing them here at the moment, I was thrilled to get a chance to see Kendyl (who is turning FOUR – I’m old, I’m OLD) and have birthday fun, and best of all, I finally met the delightful child who I shall presumptuously refer to as “my namesake.” AND SHE DIDN’T CRY WHEN I HELD HER!!! I’m telling you, when you meet a child less than a year old, WEAR FLEECE. Then you are not frightening, you are just a big teddy-bear-blanket surrogate – except that you are even warmer (and in my case, more squishy). Yes, Morgan and Amber have BEAUTEOUS children. I didn’t have anything but a camera phone with me, so I’ll use pictures that they sent to me – taken a month or so ago:
I was especially amused when she modeled her new two-piece bathing suit, and then modeled it again, sans the bottoms...

Kendyl, Almost Four

I have NEVER seen a child JONESIN' for broccoli like this one...

Emmry Kate

I realize I neglected to explain how I helped name a human child. If you haven’t guessed WHICH child I helped name, I’ll give you a big FAT hint: Her middle name is VERY, VERY close to my name. Oh wait – it IS my name! When I heard Amber and Morgan were using Kate I was secretly or openly VERY delighted (I don’t remember which). BUT, as it turns out, I ALSO inadvertently provided the inspiration for her first name. I had mentioned to Morgan and Amber, prior to Emmry Kate’s birth, that I had a new favorite family name: Emerett. Emerett was one of my second great-grandmothers. Not only do I like the name “Emerett,” but I get a kick out of the fact that her maiden name was “Funk.” Yes, I come from a line of “Funks,” and other such festive relations. Anyhoooooo (I usually limit myself to ONE “anyhoo” per entry, but it’s officially Spring, and I should celebrate somehow), Amber and Morgan remembered that conversation, liked the name, and came up with “Emmry.” And HUZZAH!!! Their youngest now has an absolutely BEAUTIFUL name (Kendyl is a lovely name, too – and she’s wonderful – but she can’t read yet so I can say that “Emmry Kate” is one of the BEST NAMES EVER). Thus, through completely unintentional means, I helped name a HUMAN CHILD.