Who knew.

My Parents returned from a trip the other day (I won’t get started about the odd itinerary – BFE, Kansas and Atlanta, Georgia, and Catonsville, Maryland – they called it a business trip “bookended by my brothers”). The spent the bulk of their time in Atlanta at the 2006 American Chemical Society National Meeting. Yes, 13,000 chemists (and chemical engineers, I must specify for my Father) converged on Atlanta. The mind REELS at the sheer number of pocket protectors, cheesy jokes about the good ol’ days of the slide rule and those boxy eyeglasses with the double metal nose-piece (sorry Dad – those are the eyeglasses of SCIENCE, not FASHION). When I find the magazine I’d saved for my blog I’ll tell you the story of how I about had a heart attack when I inadvertently turned right to the page in the Chemical and Engineering News that featured the 2006 ACS Award for Team Innovation winners (five retired Pfizer scientists who invented Zoloft® – my family eats that stuff like CANDY – yum!) and I looked right into the eyes of Dr. Albert Weissman. He’s evidently a very talented chemist and probably a nice person, but his publicity photo is enough to scare the bejeezus out of anyone. My Mom took special care to see him in person and said he looks JUST LIKE HIS PHOTO.

They had a great time at the meeting (my Mom said that as painful as the jokes were, some of the addresses were fascinating) and seeing a handful of the Atlanta sights. They stayed in the tallest hotel and went on the longest escalator (which only goes UP – what’s with that?), went to the largest aquarium, and, much to his IMMENSE delight, my Father got to read fake news from a teleprompter on a tour of CNN – something concerning The Simpsons, which is SO ironically satisfying, as he just does not GET The Simpsons AT ALL.

Anyhoooo, what I set out to say (and could have articulated in a mere two sentences – ha), is that “Peach” truffles from Atlanta MAY be made in New Jersey. Moreover, they may not contain ANY PEACHES WHATSOEVER (they might even be HAZELNUT!). This is, at any rate, the case with the little box of truffles my Mom gave to me. Gotta give them this – there was a PICTURE of a peach on the box.