Take a very close look at the coiffures in this picture, paying very special attention to the BACK of my head (yes it’s ME) and the back of Paisley’s head. Oh, YES, we both have a significant case of BED HEAD.
And YES, I'm wearing pajamas

I display this image to point out a major life inequity. Paisley looks criminally DARLING no matter what – bed head, crying, food all over her face – you name it. I, on the other hand, have reached that age where very little I do is inherently “cute” – perhaps nothing – and I could do without having such bedraggled moments immortalized.

Consequently, I would like to give my personal and very sincere thanks to Bruce Wayne, The Bear, for strategically covering up a multitude of sins. Bruce Wayne is the latest of Leif’s Build-a-Bear creations. He created his first one day when I kidnapped him specifically for that purpose. He chose a bear then, too, but it was significantly shorter (he was younger, I suppose, like Leif was). It had a lullaby recording in one of the paws and it was dressed just like Leif (baseball cap, striped t-shirt, shorts – I think we even got the little sneakers). He named it “Bear.” It’s been a few years, now, and so he did opt for the taller (more grown-up?) bear. And naturally, Bruce Wayne has a batman costume… Shhhhh!