Zeke, a wee, shy little toy poodle belonging to William, Sarah and Shirleen escaped AGAIN from their yard last night. He is, primarily, William’s dog, and since William is out of town, Zeke took the opportunity when he was let out into the back yard to sneak through the little gap between the fence and the gate to go and look for his boy. If you happen to see this tiny dog:
Found 5/28/2006 approx. 10:00 p.m.

ZEKE, Neutered Male White Toy Poodle

TINY – At most, 3-4 pounds – HAS COLLAR (AQUA/GREEN) & MICROCHIP

This time is he IS wearing a aqua/green-colored collar and has a microchip as well. He will be confused, bedraggled and probably hypoglycemic. Please call the number on the poster (it’s a Utah Valley number) if you find poor little Zeke or leave a comment here. THANK YOU!