I have a tendency to remember you Anniversary BEFORE and then forget it when it actually happens (at least one out of two times, anyway). I hope you have your cotton and china (I personally, on my second Anniversary, covered a pottery sheep (for eight – ’cause it was eight or two, depending on how you looked at it) from the dollar store with cotton balls. He didn’t get it. I do NOT blame him). Remember back, oh so long ago, when we were all so young:
Poor Charles has always wanted to be a flower girl...

Emma, Zoe, Ashley and India, August 14, 2004

(The bozo who surreptitiously put himself in the back

of the “girlie” picture is, of course, Charles)

It was a lovely day, indeed. But then there was this utterly CRAZY lady who officiated and who cried at the drop of a proverbial hat (and damn you, Charles, for making EVERYONE cry with the most incredible vows that you wrote on notepaper from the lodge; that’s not fair). Rumor has it that in the olden days the Crazy Lady was a performer and should have known to PULL HER FREAKIN’ WILD PIRATE HAIR BACK so that she didn’t look bizarre in every other picture as she tried to furtively pull her hair out of the way (and ended up, for all posterity, caught in various photographs looking like she was doing ’80’s dance moves). But she still managed to done get them hitched:
Yes, plan for the WIND.

See? They are WEDDED – most successfully and legally. And, evidently, they throw off pretty damn beautiful genes, too, as evidenced by their progeny.