And in case you think that I am again going to regale anyone who’ll listen with sordid tales of my personal hygiene (or lack thereof), this is NOT that kind of mint. This is the “Mint” that tells you if you’re popular or not (NEWS FLASH: I am NOT popular) in terms of blogerage (don’t fight with me, it’s a word. Or it will be – HERE I COME OED). But I am getting more and more UNPOPULAR. I do not like this trend. I might choose to doubt my recent “Mint” statistics (saying I had ONE – count ’em – ONE unique viewing last week and I know I had at LEAST three…), but they are probably close enough. I am now OFFICIALLY taking suggestions and/or requests.

Oh, my faithful readers (all two or three of you), PLEASE MAKE REQUESTS. Or, you can give me CRITIQUES: Too many pictures of my adorable nieces and nephews? Not ENOUGH? Too much cheese (can there BE such a things?????)? Not ENOUGH (she says, hopefully)? Entries TOO LONG and full of NOTHING PROFOUND (although that was the MISSION of this blog, I’m willing to reconsider, after all, I, TOO WANT PEACE ON EARTH (?))? Too SHORT? Would you like Dickens’s style serial drama about wee, repressed parentless children and porridge and deranged people who run poor houses and orphanages? Something more SORDID (well, that’s what I have the mostly secret “bleu” page for, but it’s ended up being largely DEPRESSING above all)? Something sweeter and more HOPEFUL (though today I might give you anatomical indications about where you might put that HOPE – but that would be the PMS talking)? Speaking of PMS, TOO MUCH INFORMATION? I wait with my ears as open as possible (apart from the mucus, but I can’t be BLAMED FOR THAT). Hmmm – PERHAPS Ma Monde suffers from TOO MUCH ALL-CAP EMPHASIS (as well as the RAMPANT over-use of the parenthetical statement).