You cannot imagine how delighted I was when I read the following on Ashley’s Blog:


P loves cheese. She would eat a whole brick of it if I let her. Instead I cut up one slice at a time, and she has all the pieces stuffed in her mouth in less than 10 seconds. It scares me because I worry she’ll choke, but it makes me laugh as well.

So Paisley is not only brilliant and beautiful, she is discerning, too. A budding turophile before she even turns one! Here she is with “cheese cheeks:”
Even Kate the Safety Dog thinks this is cute.

And she has just learned to sign for “more,” too:
I like the green bean face.

How cute is that? I am so overcome with the cute-iosity that I know I’d find it rather difficult to deny her the whole block of cheese.

Isn’t it stupendous how she’s gaining the personality traits of her VERY Favourite Aunt day by day? She’s smart, discriminating, has crazy hair, and, sometimes, erratic mood changes (e.g. The Cookie Incident).

Here, for instance, she is very, very MAD at her shoes:
Cursed footwear!!!

A split second later she is DELIGHTED with her shoes:
Don't you just LOVE shoes!

Never fear, Charles and Ashley, as the comparisons, no doubt, end there. But I’m still nigh unto blissful about the CHEESE.