I suck. So?

Ah. Strike New Year’s resolution about being less defensive and self-deprecating otherwise it will snowball over the one about feeling like less of a failure and lay it FLAT. So to the gist:

Happy Birthday on THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY, Lovely Terry! I’m thinking about you and wishing you and yours the very, very best.

Happy Birthday YESTERDAY, Erik. Please know that I knew yesterday was your birthday (while it still WAS yesterday and corrected Mom who was thinking it was – some other day, I guess). Also, I’ll keep this entry DELIBERATELY SHORT so that you will deign to read it. LOVE YOU!
NOT the Christmas Card Version, but I love it.

Anders, Erik, Janet & Leif

And lastly, but certainly not LEASTLY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY, LITTLE JANET, MY LITTLE, WEE SISTER!!! Tu est une petite fleur! Moreover, I will say in front of you and the WORLD, you never “8” New York. Not even once. May all your dreams come true (speaking of which, how’s the fifty-three member all-male fire rescue choir coming?)!!! I love you!