Oh, Happiest of Happies on This, the Natal Anniversary Day of PAMELA!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Pam (rhyming with SPAM, of course)!

I love your birthday THE BEST. It reminds me that always, no matter what, I can forever and until the end of time count on the fact that you are almost a month older than I. I don’t know why that comforts me, but you are generous and will let me have that one, yes?

And remember the olden days? You don’t? Well here it one of them:
Operating under the premise that black & white is COOL

Kate, Pam & Janet at Stewart Falls
Circa LATE 80’s or EARLY 90’s

Yes, I’m breaking my “no photos of Kate taken after 1973 or so” again, but I figure my identity is sufficiently obscured by the large sunglasses and the LARGE hat (?). Besides, that WAS a lifetime ago – at least it seems so. I’ve no doubt that Stewart Falls is now covered in condos or town-homes, as if I remember correctly, the last time (another lifetime ago) we hiked in the area there were bulldozers in the forest glens ’round about. How depressing.

Forget that part, okay? Just remember HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

P.S. Yes, the weird, slightly disfiguring smut on your nose is part of the picture. I think you still look beautiful. Besides, at least you aren’t wearing jodhpur’s evil cousin, MOST HIDEOUS AND UNFLATTERING PANTS OF DEATH. Here’s an interesting anomaly: I haven’t the vaguest idea when that picture was taken, but I remember when I purchased that sweater at the United Colors of Benetton Outlet store in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Go figure.