BeBe now has a large bald spot on the nape of her neck. Wait – cats don’t have neck napes, technically, right? Wait – SCRUFF! She has a large bald spot on her scruff (correct me if I’m wrong, my vet people). And it’s my fault. Well, it’s ALL my fault, but I believe this is especially my fault.

I realize that’s the area I was holding down desperately, particularly during the SECOND bath, so that she would not catapult (no pun intended, but HA HA HA HA) into the air and securely attach herself to the ceiling. Or my face. Consequently, that spot was probably still oily. I gather she’s taken care of that very thoroughly – SINCE YESTERDAY.

It will grow back; I know this from experience. I obtained this knowledge because of an incident having to do with one of Janet and Erik’s cats and a shedding implement and a water pistol. It was very surprising, but Shirleen, as usual, as Doctor Doolittle incarnate, was able to explain it to me.

Looking on the bright side, the skin on BeBe’s bald patch doesn’t have even a hint of dandruff.