Huzzah! Since we can read memory cards again and access a USB port without getting behind the computer (Merci ad nauseum, Guru), it’s time for me to catch up. Hair-do’s first, naturally.

Sarah had her haircut for the first time in – let’s see – going on TWO YEARS! Okay, though losing it completely during that time period should probably count as a major haircut, I’m afraid you get no assistance from a stylist for that one.

Sarah was understandably hesitant for anyone to get near her lengthening tresses with SCISSORS or the like, but the general consensus was that she needed some SHAPE to her “do.” We all assured her it didn’t have to actually be shorter, but it would really benefit from some selective styling.

Besides, when given the chance, that girl’s hair grows like wildfire! She used to grow “fuzz” between chemo rounds and she NEVER lost very many of her disgustingly-long eyelashes or her eyebrows (as many do as a chemotherapy side-effect). And when her hair started growing out again (during radiation, as it was only her “mantle” region that was the target) it made alarming progress. And the CURLS! I’m not certain exactly where those came from. She had wavy hair (if I remember correctly) as a baby, but these are seriously curly CURLS. It’s possibly a side-effect from the chemo – hard to say.

Anyhoo, my Mom convinced her to go to an appointment with Janet’s special curly-hair stylist and get a “shaping trim” and some advice.
Do you think she stole Angelina Jolie's bottom lip?

In case you’re wondering, after spending seven thousand years trying to get rid of a weird shadow by her lip (ever so unsuccessfully) I gave up and decided to be whimsically artsy instead. In other words, it ain’t pretense, it’s incompetency.

Of course she looks absolutely lovely. She looked good bald, too. Ah, the young and beautiful. This is the “straightened” version of her new coif – trÚs chic. And even she was pleased.

And as an FYI to those keeping track of these things, Sarah’s last quarterly scans where very good. She still has some bulky scar tissue (and may always), but there’s nothing cancerous therein. And forgive me for being maybe too personal (though isn’t that my privilege as an Aunt, Sarah?), but her ovaries were the only thing that “glowed.” She was assured that this is very good news and may bode well for her reproductive future. I think that’s wonderful.

P.S. Note to Will: Glowing ovaries do not denote any super-powers.