“My Year” has ended – the Year of the Dog戌 – yes I am a Dog [insert your own jokes here at the PERIL of being disrespectful to the CHINESE ZODIAC – I’m sure that’s extremely BAD LUCK]. To be more specific, I am a “Metal Dog.” And not to be ungrateful, but I’d like to request a do-over on “My Year.” I think I’m out of luck.

Today ushers in the Year of the Boar豬, evidently an auspicious year in which to bear children.
Congratulations and Be Prosperous

My Mother is a Pig (in a GOOD way); she is, in fact, a “Fire Boar.” Considering the abundance of porcine collectibles in this house, her Zodiac sign seems very fitting.

Here’s a little surprise: For many years we’ve though that Janet was a Rat 鼠 (in a GOOD way). It turns out that we were not taking the Lunar Year into account. So, Janet, I though you should know that you are a Pig – a BOAR (a “Metal Boar”). So this is YOUR year, too. Live it up!
Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing You Joy, Harmony and Good Fortune

Also, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Dearest Morgan (sorry – you are a Rat – a Water Rat) and very overdue Birthday Greetings (sorry – I stink) to the Most Lovely Amber (Hey – I think you’re a Pig, too!). My thoughts are with you both; please take care.