There are oh-so-many generators of hip-hop handles and DJ names and stripper titles and types and levels of intelligence and so forth recently (because of “those kids these days” – what more need I say). I have been amused by a few, but this, hands down, is my absolute favourite of all times (at least today): The Peculiar Aristocracy Title Generator. And since I go interchangeably by two name, I have CHOICES. Here are my Peculiar Aristocratic Titles:

Reverend Countess Kathryn the Lachrymose of Oxbridge by Camford


Reverend Lady Kate the Discombobulated of Hopton Goosnargh

Naturally, I have to give my highest favour to anything that contains the term “discombobulated.” It’s so ME! And isn’t it ironic that BOTH my titles contain “Reverend” – “Reverend Countess” and “Reverend Lady,” respectively. As some of you know, I am an Ordained Clergy Person of the former Church of Spiritual Humanism. (Of course I paid extra to get the title “Druid” and the parking pass.)

By the way, all Lauds and Honours for introducing this brilliant tool go to Reverend Earl Michael the Clement of Giggleswick on the Naze.