Last LIVESTRONG® Day, May 17, 2006, I participated in one of the suggested activities: Blog Against Cancer. It was in a comment from this entry that I first became “acquainted” with Mic:

Hey you all,

for the LAF I’m a Cancer Survivor. I have recently lost my father for a tumor, but I continue being strong and wearing the yellow wristband in memory of my dad, granddads and other people. Few years ago I received some advices from Lance and the LAF and they still are very preciuos[sic]. I own a blog on here there are on the right-hand side some links to the LAF etc and I was wondering if I could add this blog (and possibly others for the fight against cancer) to my links.

Look forward to receiving an answer.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Michele Capaccioli

We exchanged links (oh, this cyber age) and I began to correspond with Mic (that’s the equivalent of “Mike” for all you Americans – but pronounced “MEEK,” more or less). I learned a few things right off the bat from his site: He loves “sport,” he likes Family Guy and The Simpsons – and – sheesh – there was something else – OH YES – he is a passionate, articulate grassroots supporter of Worldwide collaborative cancer advocacy.

As I have mentioned in passing, my Italian is not too great (unless you’d like me to speak the lyrics to arias and art songs in a realistically conversational manner); I also know some threatening phrases and several that could get me in *ahem* trouble on the streets of Italy. Luckily, Mic’s English is FAR better. In fact, he speaks SIX languages – WAIT – seven: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, and some Russian and Japanese. I hate him. (I’m KIDDING Mic – I’m being FACETIOUS.) He has a university diploma in Social Science and is now studying International Sciences and European Institution. I HATE HIM. (Again, Mic, you know I’m teasing, ci?)

He began discussing his goal to build a website that focused on important social issues, particularly cancer advocacy, and invited me to take part in this endeavor. I feel very strongly about these issues (as if I haven’t made that obsessively clear already), so I was honoured by the invitation. He did all the hard work, I made a few suggestions, and the site launched officially, as I mentioned in passing, on February 23, 2007. I am the American/English Web Site Advisor and I have a section on the page called “Believe in Life.” Mic, Official Site Founder Extraordinaire, writes about five hundred sections (slight exaggeration) and has coordinated with friends, family and colleagues who are writing or editing other sections.
PLEASE visit

Please Visit the Site

Please bear in mind that I have not successfully fulfilled all my obligations as American/English Web Site Advisor, but you are not to hold that against Mic. His English is impressive, especially considering that when you speak seven languages English can only be MORE confusing and illogical than it already is. Wait – I should tell you HOW to access the English site (unless your Italian is far better than mine). If you land on the Italian home page, just hit the tiny American flag (top, right-hand) and you’ll be in the English-language section.

Now I’ll mention another of Mic’s worthy undertakings. He and a colleague are putting together a European Cycling Team to participate in the Ride for the Roses at the LIVESTRONG® Challenge in Austin, Texas. In order to participate in this celebratory event honouring the LAF‘s most successful and enthusiastic supporters, each participant much raise at least $10,000 (USD) before September 4, 2007. Mic’s personal goal is to raise $25,000 (USD). I have made a commitment to assist him in this ambitious undertaking. Mic has explained to me that it’s difficult to raise money in Europe; people aren’t well acquainted with the Lance Armstrong Foundation and don’t understand the amazing scope of its influence and the positive effects this charity has in the World. I hope that the International collaborative work compiled on will be influential as an educational tool in this regard.

If Mic makes it to Ride for the Roses, he made this promise to me:

I would like to do that this year, riding in memory of the people you mentioned in your first two articles if you allow me to do that. In fact, even if I have to wear ‘hundreds’ of piece of papers in which there will be written names and names It does not a matter.

So, PLEASE, in accordance with the well-worn proverb, “Every little bit counts,” consider making a donation to Mic and to this cause. Every single dollar goes to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the incredible work it does. Click below to get to Mic’s fundraising page:
Please support this cause...