Happy Birthday, Dad – you old fuzzer*!!!

I hope you enjoy those lovely Cd’s that arrived oh-so-fortuitously the day before your birthday which I bedecked with the festive bow . The fact that you chose them, ordered them and purchased them for yourself is not particularly germane, right? At least it’s not like those Christmases when I wrapped up all the Cd’s that I’d borrowed from you over that particular year and then gave them to you as a present (ha – that was FUNNY).

Here I offer you carrots with which to make your most favourite kind of cake:
AHHHH - What do you call the art made of all the tiles?

TrÚs chic carrots, yes? AND they are much better than these:


And there’s THIS one:
This one looks at you AND ominously approaches you!

I do not believe that vegetables should have the power to gawk at one NOR should they be able to ogle AND saunter about under their own power. Well, I guess potatoes can have “eyes,” but they should not be able to stare at anyone.

Oh. And you shall not have THIS cake, notwithstanding the lovely pineapple, because it has SATAN’S EVEYBALLS all over it. Ewww.
Anyhoo, Happiest of Happy Days, Dad. I love you!

*That is HIS expression, not mine.