I don’t care how old you are; everyone should have toys. And I have now experienced the toy that every single World citizen should own. It’s the Gazillion Bubbles® Jumbo Bubble Machine made by Funrise Toys®. My Mother purchased it at Costco, which is the best way to go, because not only do you get a great price there, but you get BONUSES, too (I love bonuses).

It was a present for Leif, who was having a sleep-over at our house a week or so ago. We set it up on the outside on the patio. This device purportedly would make “a gazillion bubbles” while making ENORMOUS bubbles within bubbles. Mind you, I am very skeptical of exaggerated product claims, but once we successfully set the thing up and turned it on IT STARTED MAKING A GAZILLION BUBBLES. Huge bubbles, small bubbles, bubbles within bubbles – streams and streams of bubbles.

Suffice it to say, Leif and I were BOTH vastly impressed. Obviously our mission was to destroy as many bubbles as possible. Leif, at one point, decided that we should each have “ten powers.” However, when he to his sixth power, he decided that we should have “six powers.” I opted for five – my first power being “poking” (okay – not so violent, but nonetheless effective). Leif’s moves had a real Taekwando flavour to them – very athletic. But lest you think I was PURELY wimpy, one of my powers was a VERY cool two-handed swooping move.

Without a doubt, we had a BLAST. Leif took the Gazillion Bubbles® Jumbo Bubble Machine home (I tried to be brave, but as the machine got farther and farther away, a single, noiseless tear trailed down my face).
Oh yes - a GAZILLION bubbles!

Leif, Anders & Cousin Isaac Take on the Bubbles with WEAPONS
(At Janet and Erik’s house, DAMN THEM)

I told my Mom that we need to have a Jumbo Bubble Machine at our house. I stressed that it was VERY IMPORTANT to our health and well-being. Also, owning this apparatus is essential to our future as SCIENTISTS (what with the surface tension and such). I hope she grasps how serious this issue is.

Thanks, Jared and Nancy, for the picture. Credit is better than permission, yes?