And that’s no “April Fool’s” joke. Or perhaps he’s an ALMOST thirty-year-old April Fool’s joke… As I’ve said before, Little David (you ARE 6′ 4″ – I’m just sure of it – our height measuring party over the holidays was very unscientific, to say the least) is by FAR the nicest person in our family (and as I’ve said before, I cannot say TOO much or I’D HAVE TO KILL YOU – ha ha – some jokes never get old – well, to ME….).

With his birthday money, Lil’ David purchased the following item:
ROCKIN' Engineer

Super Cool Bass Guitar

David, I’ll bring my nicest ukulele when I come to visit you, we’ll get a pick-up for it, you can quit your job and we’ll hit the road. Julianne, you can play one of my rhythm instruments (egg, tambourine, one of the various drums, my boom-whackers (sounds dirty, but THEY AREN’T), my semi-professional (?) castanets from Spain or the belly-dancing Zils – your choice).

I asked Mom what our trio should be called and she said, “Big-Headed Cuties.” And she means, literally, “HUGE NOGGIN Cuties.” Dad thought for a LONG time and came up with, “The Bartholomew Bunch.” We’ll forgive him because he never watched The Brady Bunch. A second later he said, “Or you could call yourselves, ‘Heaven’s Angels.'” He tried to explain (OVER-explain) that one and I stopped him. I, personally, was thinking “Zicky-zacky, zicky-zacky, Hoy, Hoy, Hoy!” But I’m open to suggestions.