Henrike Hirsch (which I presume rhymes with “cherry” auf Deutsch, co-founder of the LIVESTRONG® European Cycling Team, an International collaborative fundraising endeavor raising funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, now has her very own website, Rise to the Challenge:

Henrike, a cancer survivor herself, has raised money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation for five years. This is also her second year as a International Mentor for the LIVESTRONG® Challenge in Austin. Here she as as International Mentor (she has THE WHOLE WORLD in her hands):

Henrike is the ONLY One Brave Enough to Wear Yellow

This year, as part of her fundraising effort, she is asking who possibly can to donate $5 to her campaign (in honour of her fifth year as an LAF fundraiser). Please consider donating this nominal amount to a very worthy cause.

And don’t forget Mic! This is team effort. Please remember that we need you as a a link in the chain.

Go HENRIKE!Henrike STILL Going


Ah yes – Henrike also speaks almost perfect English – she even studied a year in Wisconsin – CHEESE-land – and seven thousand other languages (CURSE these multi-lingual Ìber-brainiacs!!! In a nice way, of course). Furthermore, she is DEUTSCH, which is SUPER TOLL!!! If that doesn’t mean what I remember it means, then forgive me; I recollect that it’s a high compliment (something along the lines of “cool”). If not, just let me know, Henrike!