Farewell, Sweet Little Lark (1990 – 2007).

I’m sorry if I let you hurt longer then was necessary. I didn’t know you had breast cancer. I didn’t know you were dehydrated, too, on top of your other symptoms because you kept using the “pee pads.” I’m so very sorry.

This week I’ve done some things I never thought I’d have to do alone. Thank you for putting up with what was undoubtedly at least partially misguided attempts to minister to your needs. Bless you for seeming unfazed in the car as we drove to the vet and as they examined you. I came back after they put the IV in and I held you while they injected the medication into the tube. You were still so calm; you must have been hurting. Your tiny head dropped right to my shoulder. It was so fast; I found great solace in that. I’ve seen death, but I’ve never been through that experience before.

I believe you had a good life. Rest in peace, wee little puppy.