My lovely friend, Heather the Vet Tech Extraordinaire, is trying to place some rescue felines.

I am of the opinion that VERY few people on this Earth can resist the charms of Kittens and/or Puppies. Those who do not fall prey to the wiles of Kitty and/or Puppy Cutiosity (that is the scientific term – DON’T QUESTION ME) are simply deranged. And I don’t mean in the vaguely amusing way that I am (and if I’ve opened a can of worms there, so be it). Ask anyone in advertising. If they cannot sell it with a Puppy or a Kitten or a Puppy AND a Kitten or a Puppy and a Kitten AND an engaging baby, then it’s something that needs so be sold with “hot cars” and unrealistically beautiful people in various stages of undress. But even then puppies and kitties probably wouldn’t hurt…

Here’s what Heather had to say about these particular Kitten Children:

Hey all. I need help placing these cute CUTE kittens (Kitt-ons). They are the sweetest little babies, and I vouch for their health and temperaments. If you know of anyone who might be interested, or have a bulletin board at your place of employ where you could post this, I’d appreciate any help at all. Don’t tell babies Brad and Malkovich, but Tortuga the Mama Cat is my favorite. She doesn’t have Full Kitten Cuteness on her side, but she is the GREATEST.

Thanks kids. Also- if there is a good family who can’t afford the very, very small adoption fee, it’s negotiable. I’m just trying to cover some of my costs for getting all their shots and surgeries done.

And just in case you thought you could resist the draw of the precious wee felines, here are photographs:
The pictures of endearing wee kitties do not at this moment want to load. Damn. Just take my word for it, they are SOOOOOOOOO enchanting, adorable, winsome and engaging. And rife with cutiosity. You can see the pictures on Heather’s site

If you are not in the Utah area (particularly the Utah Valley area), or you have your quota of Kitten Children or you are irreversibly deranged, please consider downloading and posting this announcement [which will not upload at the moment either…use your imagination?] at your place of business or make it into a fashionable t-shirt or plaster it on some phone poles or something.