Almost one exactly one month after LIVESTRONG┬« Day 2007, I wrote a VERY LONG ENTRY about – okay about everything: About my experiences, about my thoughts, about what I hoped everyone would be willing to do to help fight CANCER, the number ONE killer in the U.S. of individuals under the age of eighty-five.

I thought I’d cut to the chase with this post. I want to ask for two things:

  1. If you live in the U.S., please contact your Senators and your Congressional Representatives and ask them to support The Cancer Screening, Treatment and Survivorship Act of 2007. Bi-partisan, bicameral legislation – what more could you want? Follow this link and the Lance Armstrong Foundation will help you format messages for your legislators. If they are already sponsors or co-sponsors of the bill (you can find out by looking on the Library of Congress Thomas Locator and entering enter bill numbers S1415 for the Senate and H2353 for the House).
  2. Please – EVERYONE – join the LIVESTRONG┬« Army. And please let me know about it. It’s simply about a commitment to help take care of those who are or who could be affected by cancer. Simply put, it can be a commitment to take care of yourself. Help make cancer a WORLDWIDE priority.

    Do it for your family, do it for any of the myriad individuals I’ve mentioned previously – those who are surviving, those who have survived, those who did not. I can always add to that list, unfortunately: Do it in memory of Taryn’s Father or do it memory of Henrike’s dear friend, Karen. It’s not difficult to find a compelling reason.

Senator Harkin makes an entrance...
Senator Harkin Knows His Comedic Timing

Don’t make me kneel and beg, PRETTY PLEASE! It’s not attractive; my knees bend with a gruesome and thunderous crack from which you should all be spared. Thank you!