I almost forgot the IMAGES. Maybe if I include the most downloaded images (from what I remember) I’ll foil the “heavy category page” bias more thoroughly.

It’s true. I don’t know what in the hell I’m doing.

I think I’ll stick to a collage-ish design so that each thumbnail (yes, if you click on them you can see the whole photo) is as WEE as can be. Ah – they are so itsy-bitsy!

NOTE: they are miles away from being in chronological order – or should that be years away?
vomitcarpet2sm.jpg forest floor green vomit carpet1stChemo.jpg first chemo infusionShirleen,_Kate,_and_Janet-1974.jpg 1971 Kate Shirleen Janet Three SistersSarahorientalecropped.jpg lady in red cheongsamAfterlocks.jpg pile of hair long hair cutCroppedSweater.jpg long hair long hair cut blondsarahbarefoot.jpg short hair bare foot bare feet girl in redJessicaTousled.jpg Jessica Biel who is Kate perhaps perfectly tousledGrandkids4.jpg grandkids niece nephew niephews part of fivekatebefore4.jpg long curly hair long hair cutFetus.jpg ultrasound fetus baby tiny dancerRamonaQuimby300.jpg original real Ramona Quimbyroundbelly34weeks.jpg pregant belly 34 weeks round belly green dogCroppedHeavy.jpg long hair cut long blond hair braidpeekaboo_radley_jr.jpg Peek-A-Boo Radley Junior BlobbyRosehair2002.jpg long curly red hair red rose pirate hairmyniephews20074.jpg grandkids niece nephew niephew part of fivelastchemo.jpg last chemo infusionvomitcarpetsm.jpg forest floor green carpet vomit carpet

Not art, perhaps, but my lil’ ego needs a boost. Ohhh! They are so TINY that they are practically sweetly, perfectly bite-sized.