And there’s no connection to David Letterman’s production company here. This is a GLOBAL title.

Trust the Guru, naturally. And why? Because you tell him that you cannot get comments – an earth-shattering crisis, of course, especially when you consider Grettir’s leisurely and undemanding existence.

It’s all about ME, remember. When you are making your priority lists please bear that in mind. That fact that Grettir is a single parent of two “tween” girls, the steward and conservator of their school’s whole problematic computer network, a full-time computer spy-busting megastar (you’ve not heard of him? Well, he’s very popular in Bangalore), a part-time University student, a sometimes UN-retired actor, an active part of his church community, the savior of endless computers and systems belonging to friends and relatives, studied archivist of the Tiny Pineapple Nurse Book Collection┬«, the King and Emperor of the Tiny Pineapple System and All Misadventures Entailed Therein™, and the finest damn ironer I know (sorry Mom, you’re good, but he could iron in the Olympics – when they add ironing as a medal-earning event, that is – of course his Mother taught the World Everything Worth Knowing About Laundry™…), PALES in comparison to the fact that I couldn’t get comments for like THREE DAYS. And sometimes I get FIVE COMMENTS for a SINGLE ENTRY!

Yes, I’m a pretty sorry excuse for a…something.

I welcome your comments and suggestions herein and therefore and ALL about it.