The World has lost a whole contingent of plush, squishy friends. I am bereft; I probably won’t leave the house for days (and let’s just pretend it’s about the Blobbies). It was just yesterday that I received this very disturbing email:

Dear Party People,

This is the end, my friend. You may have noticed our neglect of since, oh, around April of 2006. At that time we moved (again), started new jobs, and just got busy. As we got more and more entrenched in our new lives, we found that there were a number of other things that trumped Blobbies in our lives – curating exhibitions, teaching, getting ready for our first child (woo-hoo!), locksmithing classes, frosting graffiti, etc. Blobbies fell by the wayside.

We recently received an email from our domain registrar notifying us that the URL expires on October 5th. We have made the decision to just let it go. will no longer exist. Sure, we’ll make a few Blobby related items for our new baby (we just got a silkscreener after all), and we can make a Blobby every now and again for our friends and family members. But as far as the general public is concerned, Blobby Farm is extinct.

We sincerely appreciate all the support we’ve received and friends we’ve made because of this goofy endeavor. As a final thank you, between now and October 5th, you can purchase anything on the website for 50% off the original price (sale price is as marked). It’s not like we were ever really in this for the money anyway. Make sure you download your coloring book pages and send your last Blob-E-Grams before October 5th when everything disappears.

Thanks again and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

Thanks and Cheers,
Maria and Chris
(The Blobby Farmers)

This is the End

Yup. Just like that. Putting their fetus and jobs and house and other such shallowness ahead of building cuddly, stuffed companions for me The World the CHILDREN.

I find that I’m a little verklempt. However, as I’ve said before, you’ll have to chose your own damn topic and talk amongst yourselves.

P.S. If you act REALLY quickly (Blobby Farm) you may still be able to buy some postcards, greeting cards, mittens or buttons. The last of the Blobbies sold right away. And I didn’t get one. All is not right with the World.