Every year without fail, from somewhere – I don’t know exactly, I get a birthday reminder for Syd – a week before, another a few days before. I know I subscribed to some service eons ago that sends me this message, but I don’t get the reminders for anyone else. No one. And I won’t cancel it.

Her’s is one of the handful of phone numbers in my mobile directory that I cannot erase. I just can’t. Her obituary and some of the newspaper articles written at the time are still on the kitchen bulletin board. They’ll stay; I don’t know how long.

Syd at Her Best
Happy Birthday, Syd.
You will be missed forever and always.

I stole this picture from Hobie. I hope she doesn’t mind. My thoughts are with you, my dear, and your family!

I don’t know what play is pictured, I don’t when it was painted, but it feels like it’s every show, every time.