Happy Valenslime and All That Jazz

It’s late, yes, but EXTRA festive to make up for its tardiness. Besides, if I’d posted an entry ON Valentine’s Day that would have not been in keeping with my whole boycotting posture. Bah HumCupid.

The item contained herein needs a back story (yeah, yeah – everything I DO needs a back story, I know…). Over the holidays, My Baby Brother and his Lovely Wife WITH VERY FORCEFUL KINDNESS helped sort through my impressive quantity of crap precious belongings so we could make room to empty my storage unit and put my furniture in the basement (a process which also involved the grinding off of lock with a titanium hasp – I will no doubt locate the combination in its “safe” place any day now). This process wrought many an interesting (or sweet or utterly horrific) discovery. Ask Grettir; he received a couple of the most special “finds.” (This, however, must be a story for another time.) We found fascinating things that belonged to my siblings, my Parents, my Grandparents (DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TELL GRANDMA LEE THAT ANYTHING BELONGING TO HER OR HER PARENTS WAS TOUCHED as she has plenty to freak out about at this moment) and my great-grandparents.

One “treasure chest” belonging to my Father yielded some interesting “art” by young Shirleen and Kate. The “chest,” in and of itself, was pretty cool; it was an army surplus foot locker that had been painted (a slightly different green than “army” green, I believe). Evidently this was the only piece of furniture my Father brought to my Parents’ marriage. Well – he did construct some very fashionable brick and board bookcases…

Some of the creative masterpieces were not, unfortunately, signed. I put them on the refrigerator anyway. We also found this:

Sweet Kitty Valentine

However, “Guess Who Sent This Valentine!” indeed! It is well within the Kate and Shirleen era (you can tell by the rampant penchant for using that stupid, ubiquitous gift-wrap yarn to make bows for EVERYTHING – we wore it, we wrapped with it, we probably used lengths of the stuff as jump ropes).

Then there’s the kitten. All throughout my childhood I desperately wanted a kitten. My Father, unfortunately, professed a “deathly” allergy to the creatures. Talk about hyperbole. We’re ALL allergic to felines, actually, but NO ONE in the family cannot deal with the situation. In fact, I believe that my allergies to my Kitten Children have lessened significantly over time.

Anyhoo, the ├╝ber-pink-super-kitty thematic elements make me lean towards the possibility that I gave this Valentine to my Father. Let’s turn it over and see if there are any other clues:

TV gave the Valentine?

Ah. “TV” gave this touching greeting to my Dad. The priorities of the young (even decades ago).

This leads me to believe that Shirleen was the author of this affectionate message. First of all, I’m guessing she might have been able to spell better than I at this point (or at least write letters when prompted). Moreover, the lovely lady pictured in the television seems to have the correct (or nearly accurate) number of digits on the displayed hand.

I believe I was still at the stage where each of the “hands” in my drawings consisted of a ball. This ball was appended with – oh – two dozen or so (I get the impression the number of appendages was according to whim) additional “balls” that represented fingers (interestingly, not necessarily the same number per “hand”).

In addition, the rendering of the television and the character inside is quite impressive. And examine the casters and the KNOBS – sheer genius. Shirleen still is a far superior artist to me (always has been).

Lastly, if I’d prepared this card, it would have said something to the effect of:

Most doting and warm greetings to my Most Beloved Father on this, the occasion of Cupid’s yearly spree. From your most adoring daughter, Kathryn. XOXOXOXOXOXO

Consequently, I believe Shirleen is to blame responsible for this one. You’ll have to tell me what you think, my most esteemed elder Sister.