It’s true that I had to use my thesaurus to find that titular word. For those lacking this implement, “salmagundi” is a synonym for “mélange.” Still lost? Okay then – it’s also akin to “gallimaufry.” “Farrago?” Shall I go on? Didn’t think so.

Needles to say (repeat), SO much has happened in the last few months and I shall try to touch upon the important bits when I have a moment – the good, the bad, AND the ugly.

OOOH – this one is impressive: This summer I was the Event Coordinator for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Short Course [I’d link at this time to the corporation website, but somehow between this summer and last it has developed viral something or other and every time I think I’ve fixed it – well, I have NOT] for the third summer in a row, and this time I ARRIVED WITH MY OWN LUGGAGE – MY OWN PERSONAL TOILETRIES AND CLEAN CLOTHES AND SUNDRIES AND SUCH!!! It was a miracle. Yes, it was; you just don’t get it. It helps you avoid debacles such as this.

I’ve not called the paramedics on anyone in WELL OVER A MONTH. This is a good thing (and in a more profound sense than that Martha Stewart adage).

I’ve been out of town this month A LOT. On one leg of my journey, a secret foray to the Midwest, I was in a location at which they did not allow Internet (you know – a series of tubes) access to “social networking” websites. Sheesh. So instead of taking the opportunity to be truly productive I spent my time pouting about my inability to hurl cyber-bovines at my friends. Oh, yes.

Immediately thereafter I went to the LIVESTRONG™ Summit 2008 in Columbus, Ohio (home of THE Ohio State University). It was utterly and completely amazing. I shall definitely gush about that later. And cry bitter tears because I missed Dr. Sanjay Gupta. THE Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

BUT I did finally get to meet my wonderful friend, Henrike Hirsch (International LIVESTRONG™ Mentor for the Austin Challenge and Local LIVESTRONG™ Army Leader Europe) in person! She exceeded all expectations I had about her impressive amount of compassion, patience and class by putting up with my sleep-deprived, bizarre, Kate-typical antics without batting an eye. And bear in mind we were sharing a room.

She gave me a slew of lovely, tasteful gifts including classy tea and related accoutrements from her home region AND lovely sweets from the same region (including what we might call “licorice allsorts” in English – which I adore – and yes that’s one more reason I could easily be mistaken for an eighty-three-year-old woman) AND she made a handbag with my Utah LIVESTRONG™ Local Army Logo on it. But the pièce de résistance was, in my eyes, an authentic Wee Gnome auf Deutschland! Too, too cool. As is she. Obviously pictures of these items will follow soon.

When I returned home, the Internet was down. I was earnestly trying to troubleshoot the problem. I finally picked up the phone to call tech support. No dial tone. It took me a little while to impress upon my Father that if you have no phone, you have no Internet (when you are using STUPID DSL). Some day I’ll explain how I really feel about our ISP.

And in conclusion, I have joined the ranks of the uninsured but I get to wear two matching shoes now though I am forbidden to “jump” and I have to keep my medical “sandal” (alias: THE FLIPPER) readily accessible if my foot hurts.

WARNING: Too, too cute pictures of my niephews old and new to appear here any day now.