A little Henrike update. This is part of an email she sent me the other day. I debated about splashing it on the world-wide web without permission and decided – HELL, YES!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous:

I had a LIVESTRONG Army booth at a regional cancer hospital, where I talked about the whole LIVESTRONG movement and gave away yellow bands when I suddenly realized that someone stole most of my LIVESTRONG magnets, buttons and wristbands. I had about 100 wristbands, 10 magnets and tons of buttons and they’re all gone, can you believe that? Never mind that I received the wristbands for free. I planned on raising some more money with those and they are all gone, now. I can’t believe those people! I was thinking about filing a report with the police, but they pretty much told me that they didn’t have any hope of them finding the thief, since I didn’t see him/her.

This is just wrong.

I’m sorry, Henrike, but I just want people to understand what you’re up against. Forgive a crazy lady? And in all fairness, to anyone reading this, I should tell you that after that previously quoted section in her email Henrike promptly tried to balance it out by giving me some positive news and, as always, generous encouragement.

So remember: You can give to a WONDERFUL cause (the Lance Armstrong Foundation) through an INSPIRING source (DUHHENRIKE – click HERE to donate – or HERE – or, if you prefer, HERE) and she can actually go to the LIVESTRONG™ Challenge. She IS the International mentor, after all. And time is running out. I’m not harping am I? I don’t want to nag, but it is important… VERY important.

I know, “Shut up, Kate.”