The day before yesterday, Lance Armstrong officially announced his return to professional cycling. The Lance Armstrong Foundation made this announcement:


Lance Ends His Retirement to Promote Global Cancer Awareness

Lance Armstrong has confirmed he will return to professional cycling in order to raise awareness of the global cancer burden. This year alone, nearly eight million people will die of cancer worldwide. It’s now time to address cancer on a global level.


This is amazing and inspiring news to so many. It’s exciting! However, though it may be hard to believe, there’s a downside to this scenario. Most prominently, the “Doping” gossip is already back in full force. Perhaps not such a big deal in the States, but in Europe the talk gets pretty vicious.


And that’s where I introduce (well, re-introduce), LIVESTRONG European Challenge Mentor and LIVESTRONG™ Local Army Leader Europe, Henrike Hirsch. For over six years Henrike has been a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. She has raised money for the LAF in hope for cancer survivors like herself and in fond memory of loved ones lost to this horrible disease. Please bear in mind that while all this money benefits what is undeniably a good cause, NONE of it will be spent in Henrike’s home country of Germany. In good faith, she is spreading awareness in an atmosphere of fear and silence.

She faces challenges that we who try and raise awareess and/or funds in the States will never meet; complete strangers getting in her face and shouting foul invectives – even telling her that she’s “killing people,” threatening and insulting emails – perhaps other things she has been too humble to mention. It is completely baffling to me. You couldn’t meet a nicer person and you couldn’t ask for dedication to a more deserving cause. But this is, sadly, the truth.

Here’s another reality that breaks my heart. Henrike has been the LIVESTRONG™ European Challenge Mentor for three years and if she doesn’t get some funds quickly, she will miss the Austin Challenge. Please bear in mind that she has to find a way to finance ALL her travel expenses, and the money she raises to qualify to be part of the Challenge (being a mentor doesn’t get her any automatic privileges in terms of attending the Challenge) all goes to benefit the LAF.

So here’s the point (Why must everyone always doubt that I HAVE one?): I strongly recommend donating to the Lance Armstrong Foundation – I having nothing but the highest regard for the amazing work the Foundation does – and I have a WONDERFUL way for you to do it. Please help Henrike get to the LIVESTRONG™ Challenge. It’s easy. Just click HERE. OR, you can click on the picture below:
Helmer Enjoys a Boxed Lunch
Helmer Musig Takes Time Out from Lunch to Help

Pretty please? And remember, if you haven’t a lovely thousand dollar donation just sitting around, do not forget that EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. Let’s say it together, “EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!!” Sorry, that was shouting; I get a tad over-excited.

Every little bit helps…