LIVESTRONG™ Local Army Utah

Just a quick PSA from The Lance Armstrong Foundation:

Pre-order the LIVESTRONG Guidebook today.

The LIVESTRONG Guidebook is hot off the press. And you have an exclusive chance to pre-order this valuable resource for free this week only.

The LIVESTRONG Guidebook helps guide survivors through the cancer experience from the moment of diagnosis, during cancer treatment and after treatment.

Guidebooks should ship within the next four to six weeks. Future orders will include additional charges, such as shipping and handling. So pre-order the LIVESTRONG Guidebook for free today.

Offer expires August 9, 2009. And if you are feeling sassy, you may use THIS LINK instead of the one above.

I’m realizing that I’m shamefully out of the loop and need to check and see if the LIVESTRONG™ Guidebook replaces the lovely and information-packed LIVESTRONG™ Notebook (of which I have about three billion that I meant to give to anyone who needed or wanted them) or if it is different entirely. I’ll let you know. In the meantime, consider this a very belated announcement, indeed, that if you would like a LIVESTRONG™ Notebook or some LIVESTRONG™ wristbands (or any other information concerning The Lance Armstrong Foundation), please let me know.