The first time I saw it I was startled. The second time I was a unnerved yet mildly amused. However, the subsequent five billion times I’ve seen this Facebook ad, I have been gravely concerned.
Scholarships for MOMS

Speechless. Yes, speechless momentarily.

Phew! THAT’S over. And now, WHAT IN THE HELL?

Are you a Mom? Are you making a piddling to middling amount of money? YOU ARE IN LUCK!!! Evidently, Mass Murderers Deranged Serial Killers Educational Society of America has a SCHOLARSHIP for YOU! Oh – wait – maybe not… But your own personal psycho-killer may help you get you a well-deserved PELL grant!

Why is this funny? (Or utterly CREEPY?) Because, it seems, this is no joke. Like I said, I’ve spotted it MYRIAD times.