Yes, I have a STUPID subscription to Twittascope – a daily horoscope that tweets through my account (oddly, as though I post it – have never understood that part – but it causes greetings at odd times of day or night when I’m NOT around). I keep thinking it’s just an utter waste of space and time. Occasionally, however, it will say something that strikes me as amusing (mostly because of my complete lack of understanding of astrology; pretty much anything I do know I learned from Harvey Sid Fisher).

Yesterday, for instance, this tidbit was included in my horoscope: “Today’s Taurus Full Moon emphasizes your 4th House of Roots.” I thought this was HILARIOUS! Astrological insults to my substantial tookus AND my hair!

Today, though, I guess the planets aligned just so and Jupiter sat on Uranus or was in my 12th House of Creepy Stalkers – I cannot say for certain – but it was so spot on that it was SPOOKY:

You might know exactly how to improve your diet now, yet you aren’t telling anyone about your current realizations. Worse yet, you are tempted to do nothing, no matter how desperately the changes are needed. Fortunately, you are smart enough to remember the importance of taking care of yourself. Resist the waves of laziness and enlist the support of someone you trust.

I KNOW! In fact, I’m resisting the strong urge to CONFESS some of the truly frightening things I for no logical reasons have found recently NEEDED to be sprayed with whipped cream from a can. I think green smoothies are in order poste-haste!