A wise man once said, “Everybody’s fancy, everybody’s fine.” But, alas, my “Monde” is not fancy nor is it fine. It lacks pizzazz, magnificence, aesthetic appeal and even zest. I kvetch and whine about falling down and spilling under the pretense that it is amusing to the reader. I glorify cheese. I venerate cheese poetry.

All this when there are those in the world with texture, witty prose, amusing photographs, and yes, oh YES, ART. Take a look at this. My friend, Wee Chris, has galleries (and that is plural – GALLERIES). But he has a Masters of Fine Arts, you might argue; he should have a gallery or two. Ah ha, say I. I say that for no apparent reason.

BUT, and this BUT I do say for a reason, note the blog of his lovely and talented wife, Maria. She has a portfolio of her HANDICRAFTS!!!!

It is official. I have blog envy. I have no patterns or pictures or ANY design element of note. I can’t even figure out how to get my blog entries to line up on the left when I want. See? SEE??????

P.S. I do have a shop. It’s just a fetus shop at the moment, but it will mature and grown into a full-blown SHOPPE (with, naturally, the ostentatious extra “p” and the inexplicably silent “e”).